Tuesday, 15 May 2012

On Man's First Sunset

                          We who have known our first love's final sigh         
                            Have felt how Adam felt, when first he saw         
                          The sun descend within earth's maiden sky:             
                            That he, in darkness, was forevermore
                          Alone and blind. Imagine then that spark:
                            That timid light! His sun, though out of view,         
                          Conspired with Time to rid the world of dark;               
                            To ambush dawn; To make the day anew!               
                          Now, Adam-like, I feel the new sun's lust.                  
                            And though that star may never grant such peace        
                          As on that virgin span, when boyish trust                  
                            Half promised that the day would never cease,           

                            We souls who know the sun may fall from sight,    
                            Shall live for day, and hope to live through night.