Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Vigil Candle

Dedicated to Raymond Frederick Bird 

Lines written as I watched the candle we lit after my father's death, at the same time as the Easter Vigil candle burnt.

              His candle breathes a soft demise
                 And we remember,
              With rich reflected bright in eyes;
                 Tears without number.

              And streams of pallid white shall run
                 Where fire has fed,
              Each flicker beats for hearts undone,
                 And Father dead.

              I saw his chord was running low,
                 The wax was waning;
              Alike to breath becomming slow,
                 And time complaining.

              But Mother brought a newer stick.
                 Her love eternal;
              And shared his spark; from living wick
                 Bore love paternal.

              Light ended: wax grew cold bereft,
                 But fire still shone;
              Amidst the grief of children left
                 His flame lives on.

              Our decades shall be blessed, well warmed,
                 With light begotten,
              When wicks once met a gift was formed
                 And not forgotten.

              Rich years will once again make whole
                 These tender hours;
              Our minds regain the love death stole,
                 Reclaim our powers.
              But we shall not forget the soul
                 Whose fire lit ours.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Upon Meeting the Eyes of a Stranger

One moment made eternal, for this glance
Could stir an ageless longing in our hearts.
Or risk rejection not, the hour departs,
Never to host again impatient chance?
Whether we sail the seas of high romance
Or loneliness: our confidence shall chart
The future of our souls past this fair start.
We lead the hand of destiny in dance
And dare! The sweetest fates are theirs who dare;
And misery is theirs who think divine
The fatuous coldness of the stars above,
Resigned to idle fortune most unfair!

For this, I brave our yet unheld entwine.
             To grasp this hope, my life, this chance to love.