Monday, 4 July 2011

On the Irony of Patriotism

        “True Patriots, pray look upon this sty,
        These modern brutes who tarnish Britain's name;
        The proudest men who cause the greatest shame.
        No voices tell her beauties, save the sigh
        Of those who know her ancient blood runs dry.
        Great poems, prose and theses lose acclaim.
        What stirs these souls? Not deeds of worthy fame,
        But flags held high, as swords to pierce our sky.
        What country do they boast of? And what good
        Is pride? Their empty praises pound in waves,
        Wearing the slate of noble English graves!
        Such Lords of art once lived, and name this nation
        Great still! To think their hearts held British blood;
        Long years before this paltry generation”