Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Vigil Candle

Dedicated to Raymond Frederick Bird 

Lines written as I watched the candle we lit after my father's death, at the same time as the Easter Vigil candle burnt.

              His candle breathes a soft demise
                 And we remember,
              With rich reflected bright in eyes;
                 Tears without number.

              And streams of pallid white shall run
                 Where fire has fed,
              Each flicker beats for hearts undone,
                 And Father dead.

              I saw his chord was running low,
                 The wax was waning;
              Alike to breath becomming slow,
                 And time complaining.

              But Mother brought a newer stick.
                 Her love eternal;
              And shared his spark; from living wick
                 Bore love paternal.

              Light ended: wax grew cold bereft,
                 But fire still shone;
              Amidst the grief of children left
                 His flame lives on.

              Our decades shall be blessed, well warmed,
                 With light begotten,
              When wicks once met a gift was formed
                 And not forgotten.

              Rich years will once again make whole
                 These tender hours;
              Our minds regain the love death stole,
                 Reclaim our powers.
              But we shall not forget the soul
                 Whose fire lit ours.